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10 Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Recruiting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

  1. Waiting until your senior year: If you wait until your senior year to get serious about the recruiting process, you'll end up with fewer opportunities and a smaller piece of the athletic scholarship pie. Many college programs follow potential recruits early in their high school career because they want to be sure of an athlete's ability and character. Start your recruiting campaign early to let college coaches know that you are a serious student athlete. Your goal is to sign a National Letter of Intent in the early signing period which means you need to start early in your high school career.
  2. Assuming you will make up poor grades in your senior year: College coaches will make recruiting decisions based upon your cumulative GPA through your junior year. Poor grades assure only one thing - fewer opportunities.
  3. Assuming college coaches will be knocking on your door with scholarship offers: Unless you are in the top 2% of athletes in the country of your sport, you will have to work hard to position yourself to be recruited. For example, only 6.4% of high school baseball senior athletes will play at an NCAA institution, never mind getting an athletic scholarship. The percentages are even lower for high school basketball players (3.1% boys and 3.4% girls).
  4. Expecting others to do the work for you: Consider yourself extremely fortunate if your high school coach takes an active role helping you get recruited. While high school coaches typically want to help their athletes as much as possible, they have their own families and lives to care for. Many only help their top 1 or 2 athletes. Further, many high school coaches college coach contacts are very limited. You need to be actively pursuing 30 - 40 college programs. You can't expect somebody else to carry the ball over the goal line for you. If you want bad enough - you need to go get it!!
  5. Not having a serious approach to training: Forget about training to the norms of high school athletes, you need to train to the norms of college athletes.
  6. Focusing all your efforts on DI: Big mistake. There are hundreds of quality programs in all divisions. That DII school that you turned down in October will look pretty good in May if you have no other offers. Your goal is to play for a team where you can have an impact your freshman year.
  7. Not having a game plan: Nothing happens by luck or by accident. Championships are not won by chance. Bill Gates isn't one of the worlds most successful businessmen because he's lucky. Good things happen because people are prepared and have a plan. Start your plan of action today with GetMyNameOut.
  8. Expecting coaches to discover you: The talent pool is just too large to sit back and wait for coaches to discover you because chances are they won't. Sure, you might get a lot of local press, but how many college coaches read your local paper? You need to recruit the coach.
  9. Assuming a form letter means you are being recruited: Getting any letter from a college program is exciting and a positive step. But don't read too much into it and get complacent. What you're looking for are personal letters and phone calls.
  10. Not considering the entire college: When considering a college sports program you need to evaluate the entire college to make sure it offers what you are looking for. If you are unhappy with certain aspects of the college the chances are it will affect your athletic performance.

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