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Q: What does GMNO offer?
The most efficient system designed to get you maximum exposure:
  • Custom Web Profile
  • The ability to upload your videos directly to your profile
  • College Coach Database with links to every college head coach
  • Instant notification when a coach views your profile
  • Automated Email Generator
  • Personal recruiting assistance
  • College recruiting strategies
  • Training assistance through our Subject Matter Expert Network
  • Athletic Performance Test events
  • NCAA recruiting resources
  • Links to every college and college athletic web site.
  • Ability to organize and track correspondence to college coaches
  • And much more!!

Q. How much does it cost to join
A: Get has two levels of memberships - free and paid. Free memberships provide users with access to GMNO's SME Network (The Locker Room). Paid membership is $299 per year with unlimited access to all GMNO features. Click here for more information about free and paid memberships.

Q: Is there a long-term commitment?
Absolutely not. Paid memberships are year to year.

Q: How do I join?
A: Simply click on the link below to go to the sign up page and choose your member level -Free or Paid Member.

Join Today!

Q: How do paid memberships work?
Very simply.

  • After logging on you will be brought to your landing page.
  • Click on the "Recruiting Profile" button on the upper right.
  • Simply click the "edit" or "manage" buttons to upload your information, video, pictures, schedule, stats, academic information, etc.
  • Once your profile is completed, submit it directly to the college coaches of your choice through our exclusive College Coach Database.
  • Continue to follow up and communicate with coaches through the Database.
  • Update your profile often - coaches can search profiles and save them to their "Prospect Roster".
  • Use the SME Network to get training, nutrition, speed and conditioning, academic and recruiting advice and assistance.
  • Use our recruiting information and tips to navigate the recruiting process.

GetMyNameOut has helped athletes all over the country get recruited. Let us help you!

Q: Can I change the information, videos, and pictures on my profile?
A: You can edit the content on your profile 24/7.

Q: How many highlight and skills video files can I have on my profile:
A: You can have up to 4 videos on your profile. You can change them as often as you wish by simply uploading them directly to your profile.

Q: How long can my video files be?
A: Each video can be a maximum of 64 megs. Keep in mind however that coaches want to make quick assessments. Generally speaking, they'll know within a minute or two of watching your video if they are interested in pursuing you as a prospect. Therefore, it's in your best interest to keep the videos short and get to your best stuff right from the start.

Q: What other advice to you have for highlight and skills videos?
A: All of your important information is on your profile - stats, awards, academics, etc. They don't need to be on your video. If you're having a professional highlight video made, tell them to leave all of that information to the very end. If coaches are interested in you, they'll watch your whole video.

If you're making a baseball or softball skills video, it is best not to use game footage. Video of a pro style workout is the best footage to use. GetMyNameOut has detailed instructions on how to shoot a baseball/softball skills video located in the Equipment Room, accessed from your landing page.

How often can I use the College Coach Database?
Paid members have unlimited use of the College Coach Database and you can submit your profile directly to as many college coaches as you require. We encourage our members to cast a wide net and initiate and maintain communication with coaches in all divisions. The key is to have several scholarship options early in your senior year so that you can make a decision that is best for you.

Q: How will I know if coaches view my profile?
A: Each time a coach views your profile that you sent to them you get an instant email from GetMyNameOut providing you with the name of the coach that viewed your profile along with the name of the college, date and time. This feature allows you to track who is following your high school career. Please note, this feature only works when profiles are submitted through the College Coach Database.

Also, from your landing page you can view your "Recruiting Stats" that will tell you how many coaches have viewed your profile through the GMNO athlete search process. For the coach's convenience, the information provide in the Recruiting Stats is generic, you will not know which coaches have viewed your profile.

Q: Do college coaches contact me directly?
Coaches to whom you have submitted your profile will contact you directly. In addition, if they choose to reply to your email, it will be sent directly to you. Unlike many other services, they do not need a membership with to view your profile or contact you.

Q: How often is the College Coach Database updated?
At least once a month - providing you with the most complete and accurate information available!

Q: Won't I be bothering coaches?
Not at all. Coaches rely heavily on communication with recruits via email. In fact, they prefer it because of it's simplicity. It's one of the few ways coaches can communicate with underclassmen while complying with NCAA regulations. While coaches are free to accept phone calls from underclassmen athletes or their parents, they cannot return phone calls. They can however, reply directly to email from potential recruits.

Q: How often should I submit my profile to coaches?
GetMyNameOut profiles are structured to be continually updated as you go through your season. In a way they're like a newspaper about you. Frequency of communication with coaches (and re-submission of your profile) depends on your grade and where you are in relationship to your season. Generally speaking, we suggest that you maintain communication with coaches as follows:

  In Season Out of Season
Freshman Monthly Once every three months
Sophomore Monthly Once every two months
Junior Bi-weekly Once a month
Senior Weekly Every 3 weeks

Obviously, there will be coaches that you will be communicating with on a more frequent basis, others less. The important thing is to keep your profile up to date and keep coaches aware of any major academic or athletic achievements.

Q: How else can I use my profile and College Coach Database?
A: If you are going to be attending any event that college coaches will be attending such as showcase tournaments and events, the best thing you can do is send your profile to coaches throughout the region where the event is taking place. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars through registration fees, travel and lodging only to go to an event blindly, hoping that a college coach notices you amongst the hundreds of other athletes.

Even if you are traveling to participate in a minor tournament, letting coaches in the area know you will be there gives the coach an opportunity to come out and see you.

Q: Shouldn't I wait until my senior year?
Whether you join GetMyNameOut or not, DO NOT wait until your senior year to begin the recruiting process!! College sports are a big business and there is a lot on the line for both you and college coaches. You want to get recruited and get a scholarship; coaches want to make the right recruiting decisions. Therefore you need to get on a coach's radar screen early.

GetMyNameOut allows you to submit your profile to EVERY college head coach in your sport ensuring that you get maximum exposure.

Q: When should I start?
Getting recruited to play college sports is extremely competitive and it is vital that you begin your recruiting campaign early. We strongly recommend that you begin no later than your sophomore year although starting your freshman year is not too early. Also, remember that the recruiting process begins the first day of your freshman year - in the classroom! Don't let mediocre grades keep you from getting an offer to the college of your dreams.

Q: My Coach helps me, why do I need GetMyNameOut?
While many coaches try to help their athletes get recruited to play college sports, many simply do not have the time or resources to dedicate to see your recruiting campaign to the end. If your coach goes above and beyond the call to help his or her athletes get recruited, consider yourself one of the lucky few.

GetMyNameOut puts you in touch with every college coach in the country. Most coaches only have contacts with several local or regional colleges.

Our sole focus is to help you get recruited - your success is our success. We help plan your recruiting campaign and focus on what needs to be done on the recruiting front. We provide you with information and resources so that you understand the recruiting process which results in you making the right decisions.

Many coaches have other jobs besides coaching. Many have teaching responsibilities and have families of their own to take care of.

GetMyNameOut provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals. Let GetMyNameOut be your vehicle to success.

More questions? Call us at 813-767-2754.

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