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College Coach Database

The College Coach Database puts every college head coach at your fingertips. From the College Coach Database, you submit your profile directly to college coaches. Simply chose your colleges, type a brief message about you, and submit a personalized email to each coach with your profile link - simultaneously. Here's how it works:

  1. Chose the NCAA division and region (Southeast, Mid West, etc)
  2. Chose and select the coaches you want to contact
  3. Type a brief message regarding your profile, an event you're attending, etc.
  4. Hit send. Its that easy. Our program automatically inserts the salutation to each coach
    and the link to your recruiting profile.
  5. When a coach clicks the link to your profile, you get an instant notification that the coach
    viewed your profile.
  6. When the coach clicks your recruiting profile link he is brought directly to your profile, there's no
    need for him to sign in or create an account with GMNO. We don't erect any barriers between athletes and coaches!

All email sent to coaches from the College Coach Database looks as if it is coming from your personal email address and all coach replies go directly to
your personal email account. Coaches can choose to save your profile directly to their GMNO recruiting roster and be notified anytime you update your profile.


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