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The GetMyNameOut Recruiting Profile puts all of your vital recruiting information at the college coach's fingertips. It's crisp, clean, and organized for coaches to quickly get an assessment of your athletic and academic ability.

Video Files - Post up to 4 high resolution, uncompressed video files on your profile. (More info on Video)
Academic Information - High School details including GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and Academic Achievements.
Athletic Honors Section - Chronological list of your athletic honors.
Contact Info - Your contact is on your profile for coaches to immediately contact you.
Schedules - Post your high school and travel ball schedule. Let's coaches know where to see you.
Career Stats - One page for all your stats.
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When you send your profile to coaches it is immediately viewable to them; they do not have to log in or join GMNO to view your entire profile. Once they view your profile, you get an instant email from GMNO notifying you of the name of the coach and college that viewed your profile. Coaches have the option of saving your profile to their "Recruiting Roster" provided to them by GMNO. They can opt to be instantly notified anytime you update your profile.

Your GMNO recruiting profile information is completely secure. Only those that you send your profile link can access and view your profile, and only coaches that are registered and verified by GMNO have access to our member database. How we protect your information.


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