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A good skills and highlight video gets a coach's attention within the first 15 seconds.� Unfortunately, most highlight videos are not produced with college coaches in mind and end up being 'feel good" videos. Most college athletic programs will receive hundreds of DVD's a year, larger and more prestigious programs over 1000. Unfortunately most will go unviewed by the target audience - coaches and recruiting coordinators.� Make sure your video is seen!!

GMNO has produced thousands of highlight and skills videos for its members. We know exactly what coaches want and need to see. We know exactly how to layout the video, what to include and what not to include.

What you get with GMNO Video Services:

  • A professionally produced highlight/skills video from your raw video
  • Produced specifically for college coach skills and recruiting assessment
  • Shadowbox and/or arrows embedded to highlight your action
  • Produced in HD (dependent on video source)
  • Uploaded by GMNO to your Recruiting Profile (where applicable)
  • 10 CD copies for your personal distribution
  • Video CD can be duplicated as needed. GMNO does not retain any exclusive licenses.

Price: $ 149.00 Order Here
Price: $ 149.00

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