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Recently Signed a D1 Scholarship
Sender Name :  Max Petett
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My son recently signed a D-1 scholarship to play baseball with Belmont University and it would not have been possible without GMNO.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the service that you provide to prospective student athletes and parents.  No doubt, recruiting can be a nerve wrecking experience for all parties involved.  We had reached what we thought was an impassable barrier with our recruiting attempts and were starting to get discouraged with the entire process.  We were not receiving any feedback from schools that we were lucky enough to contact and the situation looked bleak at best.  I knew that my son had the talent to play at the next level but simply did not know how to get his name on the right coach’s desk.  When we signed on with GMNO things literally changed overnight.  As soon as I started sending out emails, I started getting some hits and with in a few weeks we had gotten several phone calls.  Amazingly, one of our first schools, Belmont University, contacted us and in just a few short months we had signed a division -1 scholarship.  Without GMNO we could have never exposed our son to all of these schools in such a short period of time.  It was the difference maker.
Again thanks

Max Petett
Principal,Monroe Co. Falcon Academy
Director, Monroe Co. Community Resource Center
M.C.H.S. Head Baseball Coach
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